Those dealers that do not have a financial solution for their customers, will find great difficulty running their businesses, having to reduce their profits to a very low margin. On the other hand, those that must derivate their customers to financial institutions like banks, credit unions or even most special financing companies, often will suffer the bureaucracy and high credit requirements that characterizes these institutions, generally resulting in the loss of viable deals.

 What do we offer:

A financing solution, simple and dynamic, with which dealers can approve deals like they are operating with their own capital.

 How it works:

The dealer submits a new deal for processing, we reserve the right to turn down some deals but this happens in very extreme cases, and a very high percentage of customers are accepted, even with a history of previous repossessions, foreclosures, or bankruptcies.

Initially we advance a sum a little over the cost of the vehicle financed, the difference is funded every month proportionally to what the consumer has paid. The dealer divides its profit in two parts, the down payment which is kept immediately, and the deferred earnings that will be collected monthly.

This way dealers get the benefit of having their money available to repurchase inventory and focus in their business, incrementing their chances of sale.

This system gives great control to dealers, who can decide to whom and how much to finance.

In the event that an account enters in default, we arrange repossession of the vehicle and Dealers are responsible of making the pay off, generally within 30 days. (recourse)

We take care of collecting the accounts in our offices and with specialized personnel, so dealers are able to maintain a low overhead to conduct their business.

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